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Diamond Grinding Discs

Diamond grinding discs are ideal for grinding/thinning silicon, glass and ceramic. Diameter selection depends on corner radius and restrictions of sample. SAFETY DATA SHEET

Item# Item Name Qty Add
15-92CGD5 Grinding Discs, Coarse, 5 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92CGD9 Grinding Discs, Coarse, 9 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92MCGD5 Grinding Discs, Medium, 5 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92MCGD9 Grinding Discs, Medium, 9 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92FGD3 Grinding Discs, Fine, 3 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92FGD5 Grinding Discs, Fine, 5 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92FGD9 Grinding Discs, Fine, 9 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92FGD12 Grinding Discs, Fine, 12 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92VFGD3 Grinding Discs, Very Fine, 3 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92VFGD5 Grinding Discs, Very Fine, 5 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92VFGD12 Grinding Discs, Very Fine, 12 mm ∅ (Pk/100)
15-92VFGD9 Grinding Discs, Very Fine, 9 mm ∅ (Pk/100)

Extended Information:

This product can be used with Allied's X-Prep and other mechanical milling machines. Browse our machines >>

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