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A wide variety of fixtures and accessories are available for either the 8" or 12" platen systems. The cam-locking interface offers tool-free attachment and removal for ease of use.
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Abrasive Belts - Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Belts - Silicon Carbide Abrasive Belts - Zirconia Alumina
Abrasive Rolls & Strips Alumina Polishing Powders Alumina Suspension
Aluminum Oxide Lapping Films BlueLube Cerium Oxide Polishing Suspension
Chem-Pol Colloidal Alumina Suspensions Colloidal Silica Suspension, Non-Stick Formula
Colloidal Silica Suspension, Water-Free Formula Colloidal Silica Suspensions Colloidal Silica/Alumina Solution
Dia-Grid Diamond Discs - Metal Plated - 08" Dia-Grid Diamond Discs - Metal Plated - 10" Dia-Grid Diamond Discs - Metal Plated - 12"
Dia-Grid Diamond Discs - Resin Bond - 08" Dia-Grid Diamond Discs - Resin Bond - 10" Dia-Grid Diamond Discs - Resin Bond - 12"
Dia-Grid RIGID Diamond Discs - Resin Bond DiaLube Diamond Suspensions DiaMat
Diamond Compounds - Monocrystalline Diamond Compounds - Polycrystalline Diamond Lapping Film Discs - 08"
Diamond Lapping Film Discs - 10" Diamond Lapping Film Discs - 12" Diamond Lapping Film Storage
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