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X-Prep® Accessories

X-Prep® Accessories
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Ruby Tipped Probe
The ruby tipped probe is an accessory used for leveling and profiling samples on the X-Prep. The probe stylus can be replaced should it become damaged or chipped.

Dust Extraction Vacuum, HEPA Filtration
This quiet vacuum provides maximum health protection from exposure to airborne contaminants generated from dry cutting and/or grinding processes.
It features a triple filtration system with carbon and micro-particle filter that are easy to change. Its automatic control operates the unit only when suction isrequired.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
15-9161 X-Prep Polishing Tool Disc Applicator
15-9180 Dust Extraction System for X-Prep®, 115 V AC
15-9185 Dust Extraction System for X-Prep®, 230 V AC
15-92RTP Ruby-Tipped Leveling Probe
28-1302 Collet Cleaning Kit
28-2060.5 Ruby Stylus Probe, 10 mm L - 0.5 mm Ø ball, M3 Thd.
28-85175A14 Ruby Stylus Probe, 10 mm L - 1 mm Ø ball, M3 Thd.

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