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Diamond Lapping Film Discs - 10"

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Standard Diamond Lapping Film consists of precision graded diamond particles resin bonded to a uniform mylar film. They provide excellent edge retention and maintain coplanarity regardless of varying materials or hardness within the sample. Typically used for unencapsulated cross-sectioning, TEM wedge/plan-view polishing, backside polishing and FIB sample thinning.SAFETY DATA SHEET

Item# Item Name Qty Add
50-31040 Diamond Lapping Film, 30 Micron, 10" Disc (Pk/5)
50-31055 Diamond Lapping Film, 6 Micron, 10" Disc (Pk/5)
50-31060 Diamond Lapping Film, 3 Micron, 10" Disc (Pk/5)
50-31065 Diamond Lapping Film, 1 Micron, 10" Disc (Pk/5)
50-31070 Diamond Lapping Film, 0.5 Micron, 10" Disc (Pk/5)

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