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Silicon Carbide Adhesive Back Discs - 12"

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Designed for metallographic applications to coarse and fine grind a wide variety of materials. They feature superior mineral grading, a unique resin top coat, and a latex additive in the paper. This combination resists water penetration, creating a durable, long-lasting disc with uniform cutting characteristics that minimizes sample distortion and deformation. Allied's silicon carbide abrasive discs are made with high quality C weight backing and are recommended for general laboratory requirements. Features: * Premium resin bonding system retains abrasive for sustained material removal and longer wear rates * Durable C weight backing with latex additive for superior water resistance * Special adhesive backing allows effortless removal of the disc from platen without adhesive transfer * Low-profile tabs on most discs for easy removal of adhesive liner and disc from the platen after use

NOTE: Quantity discount pricing is available for this product. Ordering quantities of 5-9 packs and 10+ packs will automatically trigger a discount in the shopping cart. Applications Note

Item# Item Name Qty Add
50-10215 Silicon Carbide Paper, 60 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10217 Silicon Carbide Paper, 80 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10220 Silicon Carbide Paper, 120 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10225 Silicon Carbide Paper, 180 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10230 Silicon Carbide Paper, 240 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10235 Silicon Carbide Paper, 320 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10240 Silicon Carbide Paper, 400 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10244 Silicon Carbide Paper, 600 Fine Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10245 Silicon Carbide Paper, 600 Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10246 Silicon Carbide Paper, 800 (P-2400) Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10247 Silicon Carbide Paper, 1200 (P-4000) Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
50-10248 Silicon Carbide Paper, 1200 Fine Grit, 12" Adhesive Back Disc (Pk/100)
ASSORT-PSA12 Silicon Carbide Paper Assortment Pack, 12" (300 mm) Adhesive Back Disc, 25 each: 180 (50-10225), 320 (50-10235), 600 (50-10245), & 1200 (50-10247) Grit

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