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EpoxyBond 14

EpoxyBond 14
EpoxyBond 14™ is a clear, 2-part epoxy resin ideal for applications such as: small area/thin bond line adhesion; filling opened/decapsulated die cavities for backside support; securing petro/geo samples to glass slides under vacuum.

Measured by weight in a 4:1 ratio, it is a pourable, low viscosity resin featuring excellent chemical resistance and stability in an SEM. Curing is possible in either 1 hour @ 65 C or in 24 h @ room temperature. It is soluble in Epoxy Dissolver and has a shore D hardness value of 85.

Compared to EpoxyBond 110™, it cures clear and with less strain on the contact surfaces, so may be more ideal when working with brittle materials.


Item# Item Name Qty Add
71-10025 EpoxyBond 14™, 2-Part Clear Epoxy Adhesive, 140 gr. Kit Includes 40 mixing cups

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