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LED Illumination Systems

LED Illumination Systems
Employing the newest technologies, SCHOTT has integrated high brightness LEDs and controller electronics into two innovative flicker-free illuminators. Both offer continuous dimming with a separate on/off switch.

The EasyLED series is an innovative, self-contained illumination system with the controller electronics built into the illuminator head. This saves countertop space and provides easy and ergonomic operation, directly on the microscope.

The VisiLED illuminators include a control box and offer a wide range of illumination options and controls for more advanced applications.

  • White light (daylight) approximately 5,600K
  • Nearly constant color temperature when dimming
  • High reliability of LEDs (30,000 operating hours)
  • Low power consumption
  • Operates without noise and vibration
  • Lightweight with thin flexible bundles
  • Wide range of controllers: DC output (VisiLED)
  • Direction of light is selectable (12 options) for maximum versatility (VisiLED)

Item# Item Name Qty Add
120-600100 EasyLED Spot Light System, 17 mm Diameter, M6 Thd Adaptation, 5V DC, Controller and Power Supply Included (100W-240V)
120-600120 EasyLED Dual Spot Light System, M6 Thead Adaptation, 5V DC, Controller and Power Supply Included (100W-240V)
120-600200 EasyLED Ring Light System, 55-135 mm, 66 mm Diameter, 12V DC, Integrated Controller, 100W-240V, Included
120-600400 EasyLED Transmitted Light Stage System
120-600600 EasyLED, Polarizer for Spot Light System
120-400000 VisiLED, MC 1500 Multiple Controller
120-400010 VisiLED, MC 750 Controller
120-400225 VisiLED Ringlight S80-25 mm Brightfield, D=66 mm, Working Distance 25-50 mm, for Plan Apochromat S and Achromat S 1.5x
120-400255 VisiLED Ringlight S80-55 mm Brightfield, D=66 mm for Use with Plan Apo S 0.63x, PlanApo S 1x, Plan S 1x, and Achromat S 1x
120-400300 VisiLED Ringlight S 40-10 Darkfield, D=66 mm
120-400350 VisiLED, Transmitted Light Stage, Darkfield
120-400400 VisiLED, Transmitted Light Stage, Brightfield
120-400550 VisiLED Ringlight Polarizer Set
120-400570 VisiLED Ringlight Diffuser

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