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Central Force Sample Holders for 12" Platens

<!Central3>Central Force Sample Holders for 12" Platens
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Central Force Sample Holders secure mounts/samples on a common plane. A minimum of three samples must be prepared at once for balance.

Teardrop Sample Holders allow flexibility in the shape and size of the sample that can be held. A set-screw secures each sample.

Dual-Cavity Sample Holders feature a single tightening point, which is useful for rapid insertion and removal of up to two round or irregular shaped specimens per cavity. An advantage of the design is that it can hold one or two samples in a common cavity.

Custom shapes and sizes are available upon request.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
5-3601 Sample Holder, Continuous Surface, for Wax or Tape, with Heating Stage
5-3605 Sample Holder, (12) 25 mm - 1.25" Samples, Dual-Cavity
5-3635 Sample Holder, (6) 25 mm - 2" Samples, Teardrop
5-3650 Sample Holder, (3) 2.1" x 3.7" (53 mm x 94 mm) Rectangles
5-3661 Sample Holder, (8) 30 mm - 40 mm Samples, Dual-Cavity
5-3662 Sample Holder, (6) 1.5" - 2" Samples, Dual-Cavity
5-3680 Sample Loading Fixture for 5-36XX Series

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