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Individual Force Sample Holders for PH-4 Power Head

<!PH4>Individual Force Sample Holders for PH-4 Power Head
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Individual Force functionality allows one or more samples to be prepared simultaneously. The advantage of individual preparation is that it allows removal of any number of samples from the grinding/polishing operation without affecting balance of the system. It is also ideal for applications where small geometry and site-specific cross-section requirements make alignment of more than three (3) samples to a common plane extremely challenging.

Variable Diameter Mount Sample Holders utilize spacer rings for specific diameter mounts. Rings can be mixed or matched for maximum versatility. The four (4) position holder is used with the PH-4™ power head and has 50 mm openings. Rings are sold individually.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
5-3735 Sample Holder, (4) 1" (25 mm) Mounts, Individual Force
5-3740 Sample Holder, (4) 30 mm Mounts, Individual Force
5-3745 Sample Holder, (4) 1¼" (32 mm) Mounts, Individual Force
5-3750 Sample Holder, (4) 1½" (38 mm) Mounts, Individual Force
5-3755 Sample Holder, (4) 40 mm Mounts, Individual Force
5-3760 Sample Holder, (4) 50 mm Mounts, Individual Force
5-3765 Sample Holder, (4) 2" (51 mm) Mounts, Individual Force
5-3700 Sample Holder, (4) Variable Diameter Mounts from 1” to 40 mm using corresponding Spacer Rings, Individual Force
5-3X35-50 Individual Force Spacer Ring, for 1" (25 mm) Mount
5-3X40-50 Individual Force Spacer Ring, for 30 mm Mount
5-3X45-50 Individual Force Spacer Ring, for 1.25" mm Mount
5-3X50-50 Individual Force Spacer Ring, for 1.5" mm Mount
5-3X55-50 Individual Force Spacer Ring, for 40 mm Mount

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