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Standard Platens are precision lapped parallel, then hard anodized for maximum wear resistance. They are used with adhesive backed discs, double sided adhesive discs and disc holding bands, or when converting to a magnetic platen using magnetic bases.

Magnetic Platens combine a standard aluminum platen with a cross-hatched magnetic surface for maximum flatness and adherence. Only one platen is needed throughout the grinding and polishing process, allowing all magnetic system cloths/abrasive discs or ferromagnetic discs to be utilized.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
10-1005 Precision Platen, 8" (203 mm), for MultiPrep
10-1007 Precision Platen, 10" (254 mm) for MultiPrep
10-1010 Precision Platen, 12" (305 mm) for MultiPrep
5-2005 Standard Platen, 8" (203 mm)
5-2005M Magnetic Platen, 8" (203 mm)
5-6010 Standard Platen, 10" (254 mm)
5-6010M Magnetic Platen, 10" (254 mm)
5-6005 Standard Platen, 12" (305 mm)
5-6005M Magnetic Platen, 12" (305 mm)
69-10030 Glass Support Plate, Plain, 8" (203 mm)

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