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DiaLube Diamond Suspensions

Water soluble and environmentally friendly diamond suspension pre-mixed with a propylene glycol based polishing lubricant. Excellent for quick application of both abrasive and lubricant without the need for precise dripping ratios.

Allied diamond suspensions are specifically formulated to assure that the diamond particles remain suspended and separated throughout the stable liquid carrier. They are excellent for distributing diamond easily and uniformly over the cloth or platen surface. All 16 oz. bottles include a flip-top and trigger sprayer for dispensing. Gallons include a pre-labeled 16 oz. empty bottle for dispensing convenience.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
90-3DL1S DiaLube (Soft Materials), Polycrystalline, 1 Micron, 16 oz. (480 mL)
90-3DL1H DiaLube (Hard Materials), Polycrystalline, 1 Micron, 16 oz. (480 mL)
90-3DL1H-G DiaLube (Hard Materials), Polycrystalline, 1 Micron, 128 oz. (3.8 L)
90-3DL3 DiaLube, Polycrystalline, 3 Micron, 16 oz. (480 mL)
90-3DL3-G DiaLube, Polycrystalline, 3 Micron, 128 oz. (3.8 L)
90-3DL6 DiaLube, Polycrystalline, 6 Micron, 16 oz. (480 mL)
90-3DL6-G DiaLube, Polycrystalline, 6 Micron, 128 oz. (3.8 L)
90-3DL9 DiaLube, Polycrystalline, 9 Micron, 16 oz. (480 mL)
90-3DL9-G DiaLube, Polycrystalline, 9 Micron, 128 oz. (3.8 L)

Extended Information:

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