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Wafering blades are available in Bonded, Plated or Solid Core configurations with Diamond, CBN (cubic boron nitride), Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide mineral. They are recommended for precision sectioning or when kerf (cut width) loss needs to be minimized. (Dimensions listed are diameter x thickness x arbor hole.)

Bonded blades are composed of an inner metal core and an outer rim. The rim consists of either metal or resin mixed with abrasive, cured under high temperature and pressure to bond the matrix together. Metal bonding offers long life and durability, while resin bonding creates less heat, provides better surface finish and is well suited for cutting hard, delicate or brittle materials.

Plated blades consist of a solid metal core with diamonds nickel-plated to the rim. They provide aggressive cutting action on samples containing resins and soft materials including PCBs, fiber composites and plastics. They are recommended where surface finish, dimensional accuracy or long life of bonded blades is not critical.

Solid core blades consist of abrasive mineral mixed with either resin or rubber to form a continuous matrix through the entire blade. Aluminum oxide is recommended for cutting ferrous metals and super alloys, while silicon carbide is best used for cutting non-ferrous metals and alloys. Recommended for higher speed cutting on non-gravity fed saws.
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