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Individual force holders allow one or more samples to be prepared simultaneously. The advantage of individual preparation is that the system is balanced regardless of how many samples are prepared at once; samples can be added or extracted without affecting performance. It is also ideal for applications where small geometry and site-specific cross-section requirements make the alignment of more than three (3) samples to a common plane extremely challenging.

Central force holders are suitable for high to medium volume sample preparation most commonly for quality control in production environments. The sample loading fixture (sold separately) is used to set the sample protrusion from the holder at an equal distance for grinding/polishing to the same plane. Uniform, symmetric arrangement around the central drive adapter is necessary.

Teardrop holders
allow flexibility in the shape and size of the sample that can be held. A setscrew secures each sample.

Dual-cavity holders
feature a single tightening point, which is useful for rapid insertion and removal or either one or two round or irregular shaped specimens per cavity.
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<!Central1>Central Force Sample Holders for 8", 10" & 12" Platens <!Central2>Central Force Sample Holders for 10" & 12" Platens <!Central3>Central Force Sample Holders for 12" Platens
<!PH3>Individual Force Sample Holders for PH-3 Power Head <!PH4>Individual Force Sample Holders for PH-4 Power Head <!PH6>Individual Force Sample Holders for PH-6 Power Head
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